Miss. Scanlon

            Welcome to Kindergarten

Good Afternoon Kindergarten Families!
As our year continues to progress- we have been getting deeper into our learning.  I’m sure you’re noticing at home the incredible growth that your child has been making. Pictures will be coming home today.  Retakes will be on November 17th if necessary, but I think you will be happy with the results! Parent Teacher Conferences will take place on November 20 and 21.  If you have not yet sent in your form to request a meeting, please do so.

We have now learned more than half the letters of the alphabet with only 4 weeks of letter introductions left.  We still need to learn l, h, k, v, w, y, x, z, and q.  By the very beginning of December we will have learned them all.  To support your child at home, you can be asking them what sound they hear at the beginning of words and things that you use in the house on a daily basis.  For example when using a spoon, “hey, what does spoon start with?”  They should respond /s/ or the letter s!  We have also been working on rhyming.  In addition we have been learning some words.  We now know the words
I, a, is, it, like, the, can, see, and.  We have been “word detectives” looking for these words in the texts that we read.  A great way to practice this at home would be when you are reading to you child each day or on signs while you’re out and about.  Ask him or her to see if they spot any words they know.  We use small books in school to practice reading stories and these books have been coming home.  These are a great resource to link to the learning happening at school as well.

In Math, we have finished up our first module on counting and  numbers 0-10.  As I mentioned before, ways to support these skills would be having your child count thing out with you.  Count how many steps it takes for you to get somewhere.  Write the numbers down on a grocery list of how many things you need to get.  We just started our 2nd Module on Monday.  This module is on flat and solid shapes.  It’s a quick module, but we will touch on all shapes- both flat and solid.

In Writing, we have been starting to use the words we know and put sentences together.  When you come in for conferences, we will take a peek at your child’s work together.  At this point, I would expect your child to be able to pick out some sounds that they know and write down letters to represent those sounds.

Science has been quite fun!  We have been working to figure out the things that plants and animals need to survive.  We have planted radish seeds and used water with garlic cloves to discover the need of water that plants have.  Ask your child how we have been investigating in our classroom!

On November 10 and 22, there will be no school.  The PTO will be hosting a Scholastic Book Fair at school November 27-December 2.

Thank you for being a partner in your child’s education! 
Miss Scanlon :)

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