Miss. Scanlon

            Welcome to Kindergarten

Good Morning Kindergarten Families! How we have already completed half the school year and are reaching the 100th day this week is totally unbelievable!  It’s been so wonderful watching the class grow as a group and individually.  I can’t wait to see what the rest of the school year has to bring.   The 100th day will be this Thursday which means we are beginning to really amp up the work for 1st grade.  By Thursday, please send your child in with a set of 100 things for our 100 museum that both kindergarten classes are putting together.  Next Wednesday and Thursday will be parent teacher conferences, you should have received your appointment times with your child’s report card on Friday.  If you can sign and return the front of the report card envelope that would be great.  You do not need to return the report page itself.  Friday February 16th there will be no school as well as on Monday the 19th and Tuesday the 20th.

We have been doing so much work in our busy kindergarten room!  We are no reading and building CVC (consonant-vowel-consonant) words.  Our groups are working on rhyming, reading and writing words and writing some pretty great sentences.  Keep working at home with your child on the following: “tapping” out words (sounding them out) for both reading and writing, sight words (I sent home a list of those taught so far), and rhyming.  Whenever you get a chance make sure you’re reading to/with your child and maybe even give them the chance to write, too! We have also been stepping it up in math.  We have started the basics of addition and subtraction.  Right now our focus is on addition.  We are using number bonds to connect numbers that go together so that the kids get a visual of this connection.  By now your child should be able to identify all numbers 1-10 and be well on his or her way to counting to 100.  Counting is always a great thing to practice at home.  You can also start working on basic number stories up to 5 with adding or putting together numbers.  Our focus in Kindergarten is to be fluent to 5.  That means by the end of the year answering 2+3 without needing fingers or items to help count it out.  Here is an idea of what number bonds look like.

In Science, we have just started a new unit on Pushes and Pulls.  We have been working on finding forces in the things that we do throughout the day.  We are becoming pinball machine engineers and will be making our own pinball machines using the knowledge that we gain from this unit.  

As always thank you for being a partner in your child’s education!   Miss Scanlon :)

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