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Music - Second Quarter

All classes: :

#1.  We have had the pleasure of hosting a student teacher from Salve University since the beginning of January.  Miss Cardoso is a voice major and has brought many wonderful new insghts into the music classroom.  She will leave us in 2 weeks to finish her secondary level student teaching in another school district.  We will miss her and wish her well!

#2.  A reminder to all that March is “Music In Our Schools” month!  If any family members would like to share a musical talent with their student’s class please contact Mrs.Bond ( or call you’re child’s school and leave a message) and you can set up a time to come into their music class.  This can be a quick “show & tell” or an entire lesson about your talent - all is sharing and all is good!

#3. March is “MUSIC IN OUR SCHOOLS” month!  All students can bring in instruments for “Show & Tell” or can perform (sing, dance, play) for their music class.  Family members (with BCI Checks) are also welcome to come in to their child’s class to share any musical talent.  Contact Mrs. Bond to set up the date & time.

 Kindergarten - Students are still moving differently or playing different instruments on different sections of songs.  One thing we have discussed is our composers.  One composer who is used a great deal in K is Raffi.  If you’ve never heard of him, look for some of his music on Youtube!  Our February concentration is on long and short sounds.

Grade 1 - Students have started to learn about rhythm patterns.  We began by comparing the patterns of their names (Syllables!).  Now we are moving to certain paterns and performing some of those patterns on various percussion instruments. “

We are also learning about “Call & Response” in singing!.

Grade 2 - NOTATION!  Students are leaning about the notes and rests that make up musical notaion.  We’ve started with some chanting and hand movements and are using some games to work on note & rest recognition  Some music writing and a test will be upcoming!

Grade 3 - RECORDERS!  The students are doing a great job of learning to play their instruments.  They have learned 5 different notes and 5 different songs.  Our focus right now, before moving on to more notes, is reinforcing our notation reading and identifying the letternames of the notes on the staff.  They should be able to tell you that the spaces on the staff spell F-A-C-E.  The lines do not spell a word but your child should be able to tell you at least one sentence to help remember the lines are E-G-B-D-F.

Miss Cardoso has presented our new family of instruments with some great powerpoints, pop-song renditions on woodwind instruments and small group activities.

After 2 more weeks of learning & reviewing the students will cocmplete a test on this family and then end the 3rd quarter with some more singing & harmonizing on instruments!

Grades 3 & 4: All schools have completed the first 2 parts of the 3 part educational series “Gravity in Space and Sound” cursity of sponsorship from the non-profit group “Concerts at the Point”. THANK YOU C@P!  Permission slips for the 3rd part - a field trip to the Zeiterion Theater in Newbedford - have been sent home.  Part of the trip is being sponsored by the PTO’s at each school (either the tickets or the buses).  We are asking for a donation to help pay for the rest of the trip.  Any amount is appreciated!

The trip is on Tuesday, March 7th.  All students need to bring a bag-lunch so that we can eat early, board the buses by 11AM to make our 12PM show.  Please get those permission slips in a.s.a.p.!

4th Grade String Orchestra - We will join the High School and Middle School String Orchestras for the annual “All Strings Orchestra’s Concert” on Thursday, March 16th.  It will be at THS, 7PM.  Permission slips have been sent home the for our rehearsal.  All 4th grade string students will go to THS in the morning with Mrs. Bond to rehearse together and we will also work with some High School musicians on our Grand Finale.  As always, contact me if you have any questions. (

 Musically yours,

Renee Bond



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